Being The Conduit

susan cassaro

It’s time to remember. Look deep, look long and find what is profoundly unfamiliar. It’s in the heart of all matter and has been there the whole time guiding silently with intelligence without demand and we have ignored, denied and didn’t listen to the call whispering ever true guidance that mostly is heard and seen in hind sight. The truth lives in the heart and it’s time to invite and encourage what is embedded in our DNA to surface in front of the veil. Gently come back and embrace all that is, no matter what it looks like, for when we start allowing ourselves to receive what is always in front of us, life will occur newly.  We are evolving in perfect timing. Breathe in the mystery and surrender all that no longer serves us. Keep pointing at what it is, yet words cannot touch what we point to but the direction keeps leading back inside where the truth lies in silence, in between the words, the gaps of formlessness where possibility lives and springs forth eternally. Thoughts cloud the truth so there’s this dance of emotion, interpretation, filters, distortion, all binding us in this glue of misunderstanding of who we really are and what our true purpose is.

In the past I kept looking where it wasn’t, with my mind, believing I could think my way through to the other side or that it was outside myself and I was not part of it or anything that resembled it nor could I touch it or anyone because of the deep wedge I had constructed with distorted conditioning, fragmented wounded aspects, social ideology, gender bias.....clearly a mistaken identity. Alone, depressed, separate, racked with guilt and shame, saddled with “I’m not good enough”, there’s no way to find truth from that place! But there’s light, even in the darkness and I was hungry to see even a glimmer even if I had to die for it. And die you must to the archaic paradigm that holds the gunk of the universe as truth. It’s being held in our electromagnetic field and radiates out only to come back to us manifested in more darkness to prove how right we are in our twisted ways.

Something happens, a moment of humbled grace where light pierces the layers and our heart opens even for just a moment, we feel truth is being revealed  beyond our humanly perceptions and it’s the spark we hold on to continue to light the way back to remembering who we really are. That spark, where ever it comes from, a baby smiling, a beautiful sunset, warm puppy love, gardening,a walk needs nurturing. Fill those dark shadows with the light of your own compassion, open to and welcome yourself to allowing to be that conduit of harmony and innocence.

What we focus on, expands so we have a choice in any given moment on where we put our attention and intention. The pull of darkness is strong and familiar so it’s about re-educating and re-orienting ourselves to the light of truth and allow a merging to occur, a re-alignment of the substance of what we are, have always been and will always be. Baby steps and choosing light and love to open us up to the expanse of imagination, restoration and integration. Yes there are tools for the remembering and practice is required to create new pathways into the unknown. Opening to gratitude is one portal because the heart expands and radiates a frequency that touches invisibly all who come in contact and even those that don’t.

Surrender into acceptance and merge with what is to the point of always knowing that all is well, no matter what it looks like, its perfect from this moment.

Listen to what life comes questioning, longing in the pursuit of seeking the truth of love. Truth evolving, spreading like the suns radiant generosity ever giving, for the sake of expressing it’s true nature Please grace me with allowing to see from the heart, to feel, know and express what love there is. Keep choosing from vulnerable places. Casting out doubt, looking up always surrendering only to the highest intention.

Keep reaching for the invisible faith that is foundation of all that is beyond wildest dreams or imagination could ever conceive yet pivotal to what one does with their mind and heart. Keep faith in the storms and ride within  the grace of it. 

I know a secret, one that has followed all of us around since the beginning of time. Songs have been written about it, it’s all around us, open your eyes and see what’s right here in front of your vision. If you are too close, back up and look again in the mirror at the tapestry of your life and how it has weaved your being from the cosmos to your reflection. See through the flesh and bones to the deeper part of what animates us all, connects us to all that lives.